Artist Talks & Discussions

Nneka Jones | Artist Talk

CANCELLED: Saturday May 7th 2022, 10AM

SPAACES talks will be chatting with Nneka Jones about her work.

Nneka Jones grew up in the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago. She uses embroidery to create moving, representational images, usually portraits, to reflect on social issues. Her astounding love for color and special attention to detail, as influenced by her culture, is prominent in her work. The twenty-three-year old artist graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Arts and a minor in Marketing from the University of Tampa in May 2020. She created a commission for TIME magazine to produce the cover artwork for the August 31st/ September 7th issue 2020 and now speaks at events like Adobe MAX, inspiring others to make their dreams a reality.

Nneka Jones comments on topics such as identity, stereotypes and the digital age. Jones embeds and camouflages portraiture, making some of her subjects almost unrecognizable. By contrasting technological symbols, such as barcodes and QR-codes, with the soft edges and skin tones of the figure, Jones creates a timely discussion on humanism vs. futurism. She brings to light a growing struggle to maintain true identity in the face of our highly influential social media consumption. Jones believes social technologies create a digital mask ultimately causing issues with mental health and social segregation. She aims to magnify these issues in the hope of starting conversations surrounding identity and unity

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BLACK HISTORY MONTH | Panel Discussion

February 2022

In celebration of Black History Month, SPAACES gallery and studios will be hosting a panel discussion as a companion event to our monthly Art Walk and gallery opening on February 4th!

Exhibiting artists Jesse Clark and Allan Mestel will be speaking about their works, and we are thrilled to welcome A. Louis Parker and Samantha Gholar Weires, local luminaries in the Black community to speak about Sarasota’s Black important history and vibrant present.

Please join us for the 10am presentation and the discussion following, where the audience will be encouraged to ask questions of our panelists and open crucial dialogues, fostering collaboration and understanding in our diverse Sarasota community.

DIGITAL ART | Panel Discussion

November 2021

Jessica Mowery is a practicing contemporary artist with a SPAACES studio. She has a varied professional background that has included selling vehicular armor, running an accomplished interior architecture studio and is currently a cryptocurrency analyst. Jessica is also the co-founder of a private NFT investment fund launching in 2022. The fund is committed to bringing together unique talent and licensing opportunities for artists, creators and investors. Jessica will provide a broad overview of the NFT market. She will break things down in layman’s terms explaining the technical basics, why NFT’s are important to the art market and how to comfortably purchase your first NFT.  

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Greetings From Quarantine: Off The Page | Open Mic

March 2021

Art Speaks SaraSolo

February 2021

Sarasolo members will attend Ian North’s exhibition on opening night and choose an artwork of their choice. They will then have one week to create a solo performance based on their chosen piece, and on performance night, will then translate what it means to them through interpretive acting. 


Life is the Story We Tell Ourselves Artist Talk | Ian North

February 2021

Marianne Chapel, Director of SPAACES, interviews Ian North. Visitors will be able to hear, first hand, about his creative endeavors in both art and music. 


#WhollyFool Artist Talk | Dawn Lowndes

January 2021

Visitors will be able to see Lowndes work in progress during this open studio. Lowndes will discuss her work and practice, which includes meditation and the pursuit of spirituality and artistic methodologies.


The Living Tarot Performance | Booker High School Student Dancers

January 2021

SPAACES is excited to collaborate with five Booker High School VPA students to produce socially distant solo performances integrated with the exhibition Wholly Fool.