Digital Art: The Rise of NFT’s |Panel Discussion with Jessica Mowery, Julie Kanapaux, and Diana De Avila

November 13th, 2021 | Saturday 5pm – 7pm

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SPAACES presents a Three Person Panel Talk with Jessica MoweryJulie Kanapaux, and Diana De Avila discussing new digital art and the rise of NFT’s. NFT’s, Non-fungible Tokens, are hyper-stimulating the digital art movement and giving a voice to a community often unrecognized. This exhibition interweaves technology, math, science and art, blending the three into a harmonic display of color and movement. 

Jessica Mowery is a practicing contemporary artist with a Spaaces studio. She has a varied professional background that has included selling vehicular armor, running an accomplished interior architecture studio and is currently a cryptocurrency analyst. Jessica is also the co-founder of a private NFT investment fund launching in 2022. The fund is committed to bringing together unique talent and licensing opportunities for artists, creators and investors. Jessica will provide a broad overview of the NFT market. She will break things down in layman’s terms explaining the technical basics, why NFT’s are important to the art market and how to comfortably purchase your first NFT.

Julie Kanapaux is publicly recognized as one of Sarasota’s top artists and has worked as an art consultant, graphic designer, and illustrator. Currently, she serves as faculty at Ringling College of Art and Design and is also a member of the artist collective SARTQ. Her unique fusion of digital, graphic, traditional painting and mixed media techniques have produced inspiring artworks that tie physical spaces together.

Diana De Avila has Acquired Savant Syndrome and Synesthesia, acquired suddenly after a relapse of multiple sclerosis and worsening traumatic brain injury. These injuries drastically affected her vision and cognition. She refers to these changes as her artistic gift, granting her the ability to create cosmic digital art rooted in fractal geometry, where quantum physics, chaos theory, and divine order converge.