Rough Around the Edges

Rough Around the Edges |Curated by Taylor Robenalt and Laine Nixon

April, 2021

Rough Around the Edges features the work of seventeen local, professional, women artists, who use varying images, mediums and techniques, not normally shown in the mainstream art gallery venue. SPAACES encourages experimental approaches in the visual arts and co-curators Taylor Robenalt and Laine Nixon brought these ideas to the forefront of this exhibition. Rough Around the Edges encouraged artists to explore a new concept or methodology. The result is a gratifying respite and slightly edgy show documenting freedom in the world of visual art.

As a creative, it is often hard to explore every possible idea – especially those ideas that are non-commercial or do not easily fit into the standard art institutions. This show was conceived to offer women who are creating in Sarasota a place to investigate untapped concepts. Rough Around the Edges was a chance to let down our guard and make that piece that has been sitting in the back of our minds for days, months, or even years. It is an opportunity to let the art be the art, to let the process be the process, to explore the controversies in our work or to find that edge that might have been alluding us.


Sarita Rene

Kathy Wright

Meg Pierce

Marianne Chapel

Claudia Ryan

Julie Kanapaux

Cassia Kite

Danielle Dygert

Alixandra Martin

Jennifer Jones

Eszter Sziksz

Bianca Sel-Ket

Anita Wexler

Taylor Robenalt

Laine Nixon

Dianna Lueken

Jenny Medved