Greetings From Quarantine

Greetings From Quarantine| Curated by Sophia Coscia

March, 2021

“A New Coming of Age Story.” 

Greetings from Quarantine provides a close look at the creativity of young adults during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic. With the cancellation of school and activities, students were suddenly forced to adapt. It is common to focus on all of the things teenagers missed out on: prom, graduation, sports games, social events, an entire summer. But think of how much can change in one summer. Many of us went through intense periods of growth and self discovery. When left to our own devices we had time to experiment; time to learn whatever we wanted. For many this was various forms of art. Music, writing, painting, sewing, filmmaking, and other artistic endeavors gave students a way to express their feelings while isolated. 

The work presented in this exhibition represents a feeling, experience, or new discovery found through quarantine. The work showcased in this exhibition was motivated by the initial Covid 19 pandemic quarantine beginning in March 2020, a time that would have included spring break and summer vacation. This forced time alone led many to artistic revelations and independent reflection. Most artists presented in this exhibition have just discovered their medium, and for many this discovery has caused them to reevaluate their plans for the future. This exhibit aims to celebrate the accomplishments of these young people and challenges its viewers to look on the sunny side. 

A note from the Curator 

In August 2020, I was hired by SPAACES to be a student curator and part time gallery manager. When tasked with developing exhibition ideas for the 2020-2021 season, I came up with the concept for an exhibit that gives viewers a first hand look at the experience of quarantine as a young adult. 

As an avid participant in the theatre community, I was personally challenged with finding a method for my own self expression during the time of COVID-19. I turned to countless activities: photography, yoga, running, painting, drawing, and whatever else I could get my hands on. There were so many things I had never had the chance to explore before. These skills have helped me grow artistically and personally. 

I was deeply inspired by the work of my community through self isolation, and I enjoyed collaborating with many via Zoom. Many of my peers took a mindset of growth as well.  Summer 2020 led them to new paths. I was led to SPAACES, when a friend asked if I would assist with regulating social distancing as an art gallery host. Three months ago, I would have never imagined myself working in a gallery or curating an exhibit for my senior year. 

It is very easy to focus on the things my peers and I have missed out on, but I challenge you to think of all of the things we have gained; all of the things we have learned about ourselves that we never knew before. We are looking to the future.