Exhibiting Artist

Javier Suarez, Jr.

Javier Suarez, Jr. was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico on August 1, 1972.  The diversity of his family’s background has inspired a variety of interests and ideas within him, including his pursuit of Fine Art. The son of an architect, Javi has been creating architecture alongside his father for nearly 20 years.  

Javi’s formal education taught him to question everything and to rely on his own ideas to produce quality work.  What has made him a successful artist, though, is his innate passion for all of the arts and his persistence.  His interest in improvisation inspired him to look beyond the historical precedents within architecture, and under the teachings of the world-famous jazz guitarist Kenny Burrell, Javi focused his thesis work on jazz as a model for architecture.  The ideas behind this thesis have influenced the process and concepts of his art.

Javi has shown his artwork for over 20 years throughout Southern California, Puerto Rico, and Florida.  It is also displayed in several private and public collections.

To find more of Javi’s artwork visit https://www.javisuarezart.com/