Exhibiting Artist

Keenan Perren

Keenan Perren, originally from South Jersey, has lived in Bradenton, Florida, for ten years. Skateboarding has been his life since the age of twelve. The freedom, friends, and experiences he’s had because of skateboarding is something he really cherishes. He says It forced him and his friends to look at the world differently. Where someone might see a set of stairs or a curb, they see a world of opportunity. Keenen started cutting up skateboards out of boredom to make little collages. But over time, he fell in love with the art of recycling these old and broken skateboards and creating something new. 

He now focuses on recreating pictures and scenes of friends and family. None of the skateboards he uses in his work are painted. He feels like the marks left on the boards represent the very real scars we carry on ourselves.

You can find more of his art work on his instagram at https://www.instagram.com/ayekeenbean/