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My Dark Florida


2004 – 2021

Mixed Media Assemblage

30” x 20”

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“Whatever you think my art means, or anyone’s art, whatever you think, you are right.”

Ian North feels that many people are afraid of contemporary art – they worry that they’ll get it wrong, that they won’t understand what it means, that they’ll embarrass themselves – which is why he feels so strongly about his message above. “Whatever you think my art means, or anyone’s art, whatever you think, you are right.” 


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SPAACES is Sarasota’s home for visual arts studios and collaborative art programming. We nurture a vibrant arts community, foster artistic excellence, and bring people together for powerful shared experiences that inspire a creative exchange of ideas. SPAACES is a unique artistic microcosm in the Sarasota visual arts landscape, moving Sarasota up the ranks in art tourism.