Art Speaks

Art Speaks | SaraSolo Performance

February, 2021

Sarasolo is an independent, nonprofit theater company dedicated to the development and presentation of solo performances and new small-cast plays that illuminate the human condition, especially of those who are considered “other than.” They believe in affordable theater that supports diversity, collaboration, and the transformative power of intimate theater for both artists and audiences. They are open to the possibilities of theater in both traditional and non-traditional spaces and frameworks such as Festivals, Fringe Theater, Film and the Internet.

In Art Speaks, the Sarasolo Productions theatre group will create and perform a variety of five-to-ten minute pieces for the closing night of Ian North’s exhibition Life is the Story We Tell Ourselves.

The Sarasolo members will attend Ian North’s exhibition on opening night and choose an artwork of their choice. They will then have one week to create a solo performance based on their chosen piece, and on performance night, will then translate what it means to them through interpretive acting. North’s works inspire thoughts of time machines, ghost detectors, or alien communication devices; so, needless to say, anything goes as the writers work to translate the art. The performers might use found materials, art, or any media to create sets and props that will aid in communicating their narratives.These performances further communicate Ian North’s message “Whatever you think my art means, or anyone’s art, whatever you think, you are right.” by showing that every individual perceives art in a different light based on their own story.