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When I met Claudia Ryan, a professional visual artist working in Sarasota, Florida, we discussed the poor conditions of her art studio. The space was run down and dangerous and because of this the landlord charged a very low rent. Claudia couldn’t find anything comparable and safe.

The studio was on the second-floor and Claudia had trouble walking up the steps; she worried that she wouldn’t be able to do so for much longer.  She expressed that if her health worsened, she didn’t know where she would go. She also had fire concerns. The warehouse’s wood frame was dry and brittle and she worried the beautiful, but flammable oil paint, mediums, and rags may someday burn in an all-encompassing building fire. The warehouse was also termite ridden and her wood frames were being damaged. To make things worse, the building had no air conditioning or heat. Claudia used space heaters in the winter and went without air in the Florida summer, again posing fire hazards and health risks for Claudia. Her studio was also in an edgy part of town and she was often there alone with no other people working nearby.

Today, Claudia makes art in an affordable SPAACES art studio. Her art studio is now safe, built of cement block, air conditioned and she works with a group of like minded artists. Her artwork is stored and organized and is in a temperature controlled environment.

SPAACES is Sarasota’s art community; an art studio hub. With your help, SPAACES can continue to build an arts district to support our local Sarasota artists and promote arts tourism.

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