Current Exhibition

Ah Who Run Dis A Solo Exhibit by Krystle Lemonias

May 2022

This work explores personal and political intersections of power that govern how people interact daily through an immigrant lens. It creates an entry point to consider the impact larger systems have on people from colonized nations. A subject is used to examine access, privilege, misuse, and obstruction to the status quo when one wields power. 

  • Opening Night Reception: May 20th, 2022 | Friday  6:00 – 8:00pm
  • Open Exhibition Dates: May 21st- June 11th | By Appointment Only

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Upcoming Exhibitions

The final show of our 2021-2022 season is  “Ah Who Run Dis,” A Solo Exhibit by Krystle Lemonias

Opening Night Reception: May 20th, 2022 | Friday 6:00 – 8:00pm

***Exhibitions Opening Nights at SPAACES are from 6:00 – 8:00PM at 2087 Princeton Street, Sarasota, FL 34237. They are both in and outside, with a large garage door open, and have Covid 19 safe requirements indoors. SPAACES serves wine and light refreshments to guests at no charge. Exhibition openings are held simultaneously with Princeton Street Arts – Open Art Studios, with ten artists in adjacent units open to the public. We usually have live music to accompany the events.

Past Exhibitions


April “The Queue: Beyond the Surface,” A Solo Exhibit by Nneka Jones

March “Properties of Ground: Post (post) Painterly Abstraction,” A Two Person Exhibit with Michael Crabb and Tom Stephens

February “No Justice, No Peace,” A Solo Exhibit by Allan Mestel

                 “My Beautiful,” Ringling Student Jesse Clark in Annex Gallery

                 Seeking Love: The Journey, Ian North Memorial Exhibit 

January “The Language of Ephemera,” A Two Person Exhibit with Sally Pettibon and Eszter Sziksz


December Compose, Recompose, Decompose: Forming Social Constructs,” A Three Person Exhibit with Kate Hendrickson, Mary Grandpre, Kathy Wright

November Shifting Perceptions,” A Three Person Exhibit and Panel Talk with Diana De Avila, Julie Kanapaux, Jessica Mowery

October “The Original Purpose has Slipped our Memory,” A Solo Exhibit by Vanessa Diaz

May “Door in the Ceiling,” Ringling Student Exhibition

April Rough Around the Edges,” Curated by Taylor Robenalt and Laine Nixon

March Greetings From Quarantine,” Curated by Sophia Coscia

January #WhollyFool,” Dawn Lowndes


November The Woods,” Emiliano Settecasi

August “Collaboration,” SArtQ 

February “Unearthing the Understory,” Kenny Jensen:

                 “Genetic Displacement,” Alisa Hodzic and Rohini Maiti

January “Respite,” Jennifer Leigh Jones


December “I’m Not From Here, I Just Live Here,” Michael Adno

November “The Salon II,” An All Inclusive Group Exhibitions

April “Salt Life,” Laurie Maves

         “Conception of Perfect Beauty,” Teneé Hart

March “SPAACES Kick Off”

January Truly Valued: Who Am I?”


November Le Salon Tout Inclus,” An All Inclusive Exhibition