The Living Tarot Performance

The Living Tarot Performance |  Booker High School Student Dancers

January, 2021

Five talented dancers, working under the guidance of Sophia Coscia, a Booker High School Production & Design Major and SPAACES assistant, will interpret four Tarot cards: The Empress, performed by Alexiz Aker; The Moon, performed by Raina Khatami; The Sun, performed by Kate Mobley-Tarpley; and The Lovers, performed by Maija Boelkins and Franki Mobley-Tarpley.

Entwined with the exhibition #WhollyFool and surrounded by theatrical props, textiles and lights, the five talented performance artists will be poised on pedestals throughout the gallery. Dressed in whimsical clothing and adornments that represent the gods and goddesses of the eons old Tarot cards, they will create brilliant interpretations through improvisational dance. Working in harmony, while vibing to the groove of meditative trance, all elements of the space, exhibition, and performance contribute to one another, collaged into an animated artworld of a vividly-colored, surrealist landscape.