Of Salons, Napoleons and Art in Sarasota

SRQ Magazine OCT 31, 2018 – In 1667, the Academie des Beaux-Arts in Paris hosted its first official exhibition, establishing what would become known simply as The Salon. As the arrogance of the name suggests, organizers and overdressed attendees quickly established themselves as the premier art snobs of the European world, and, for near 200 years, entry into The Salon became a sign of royal favor and a necessary step to having any sort of artistic career in France.

This is exactly the attitude that Marianne Chapel, founder of SPAACES, a community-minded art center, wants to destroy with her latest exhibition…

Gallery makes affordable studio and exhibit SPAACES for local artists

The Observer OCT 31, 2018 – In November 2017 she opened M. Chapel Projects, a contemporary gallery that doubled as her studio off U.S. 301 North. But she quickly realized she’d prefer to lead a nonprofit over a traditional business.“I’d rather work in the trenches,” Chapel says. “It just fits my personality better to work with artists that need support and to provide something for the community that we currently don’t have.”

M. Chapel Projects provides local artists space to experiment*

*M. Chapel Projects is now SPAACES

The Observer  APR. 18, 2018 – 

Innovative Art: M. Chapel projects opens its doors*

*M. Chapel Projects is now SPAACES

The Observer OCT 31, 2018 –