Studio Information


To apply, artists must submit the following four (4) parts, in one email, to :

Completed artist application (Provided in a separate document) including references.
Please submit additional pages and attachments as needed for co-applicants.

15 images representative of the work the studio space will be used for.
Please include your name, the title of the piece, and the date the piece was completed.

Artist statement and bio.

Current Artistic Resume or CV.

Example Studio Sizes and Prices:

12×14: $353 ($2.10 per sq ft plus tax)
12×14: $386 ($2.30 per sq ft plus tax)
12×14: $437 ($2.60 per sq ft plus tax)

13×17: $464 ($2.10 per sq ft plus tax)
13×17: $508 ($2.30 per sq ft plus tax)
13×17: $575 ($2.60 per sq ft plus tax)

Studio Rent: (Priced by sq ft)

Three rental categories according to yearly income.

<$40,000.00 / $2.10 per sq ft
$40,000 – $100,000 / $2.30 per sq ft
>$100,00 / 2.60 per sq ft

What’s Included (Princeton Street Arts):

  • Utilities including Air Conditioning
  • Wi-Fi Internet Access
  • Artist technology station
  • Access to parking
  • 24-hour artist access to studios
  • Access to display space

In keeping with the culture of SPAACES, each studio artist is considered part of the family and team. As such, every artist is responsible for the following:

Being a professional artist who spends at least 20 hours working in the SPAACES studio weekly.

Participating in SPAACES studio artists meetings and get togethers, supporting the collaborative and shared learning goal of the organization.

Understanding the artist studios share warehouse unit common areas, unit mates care for and maintain those areas.

To ensure SPAACES is viewed as a vibrant arts community, each artist will have an open studio for at least 6 out of the 8 gallery opening evenings annually; every warehouse unit will be open for all openings.

Key to our mission is affordable studios; it’s important every artist uses resources (eg., utilities) responsibly.
Being a champion of SPAACES in the Sarasota area.

Identifying ways we can become a stronger organization and stronger individual artists.


SPAACES artists approach their studio space as a collaborative environment. SPAACES artists are happy to take responsibility for the upkeep of their space and are active participants in maintenance. The artists understand it is a warehouse building that can sometimes be perceived as “rough.” SPAACES is not a residential living space and should be thought of as a working environment. SPAACES artists may participate in fundraising events, the development and promotion of a creative district, or the city’s community arts programs.


When working out of a studio at SPAACES, you will be surrounded by artists who are dedicated to the growth of their body of work, their career, and their creative time and space. You will be with artists who understand the ups and downs of being an artist, who are available for feedback, and who understand the importance of community. Working from a studio can lift restrictions you might feel when working from home, creating freedom and experimentation and clear delineation between your home or work life and your creative self.


Having a SPAACES studio provides artists with professional recognition, marketing, and exposure during open studio days and gallery exhibition openings. SPAACES gives studio tours to designers, collectors and donors. Promotional activities are undertaken through SPAACES marketing and among studio artists. At SPAACES we continue to grow, therefore, it is often possible to create your own studio size in a new warehouse unit. In addition to studios, each facility includes shared gallery walls to promote the work of studio artists.


Individuals who create works of art on a consistent and ongoing basis and who pursue it as a means of:
  • Livelihood
  • Professional recognition
  • Making advancements to their field
Only SPAACES provides Sarasota working artists affordable art studios absent of commercial pressures with the express intent of fostering experimentation, and allowing substantial periods of uninterrupted studio time.


Are individuals who:
  • Create art
  • Pursue art through historical and/or contemporary interests
  • Are interested in learning more about the art-world in practice and/or theory
  • Are curious about different or new forms of art and art media
  • Take part in the art world in some form or another
  • Have a deep passion and enthusiasm for the field of visual art


SPAACES believes art is for everyone!
While SPAACES provides a forum for professional artists to succeed, we also want to include all people who have interest in the arts, either in practice or in theory. We want to include all artists and art appreciators who would like to be part of a creative community. Therefore, SPAACES provides a place for Art Enthusiasts and Art Professionals alike.

The SPAACES Foundation is creating a Studio Artist Leadership Committee of five artists which alternates each year. Every SPAACES Artist must take their turn on the committee. If an artist has something they would like to change or discuss regarding the building this would be brought to the Studio Artist Leadership Committee.